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Vision & Idea

Beaming Bulb is formed with the idea of a light bulb. It gives light and direction to people, shining through the right direction and path one can take & should take. In marketing and advertising, we believe in all-round solutions and the complete understanding of a business in order to provide the maximum values to our partners and clients. 

Thus we seek and explore every great opportunity within and outside of the business that can help with the growth and scale, and that light bulb would serve as the idea on the strategy and planning, in achieving those goals.

When was the last time you had the A-ha moment which leads to actions that improve your business? We would love to help with the journey.


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Google Ads

Whenever people are searching for a solution be it a product or service, you would want to make sure that they found yours.

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More than 90% of the online users are using Google everyday to search for something, and we need to cater a solution where our visibility is there at the right time when people searching for something.

Solutions from Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Remarketing Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Local Search Ads and more.

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Facebook Ads

With 2 billion active users on Facebook, it's just something you wouldn't want to miss. Be it growing the brand presence, building community, sales or leads.

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The largest social media platform where you get to engage with audience and gain a tons of feedbacks on what customers are looking for. The valuable insights will help drive your businesses decisions towards greater success. Demand and supply right? Or you can create the new demands trend for the latest products in town and see what people think about it.

Solutions from Brand awareness, reach, traffic to website, app installs, video exposure, lead generation, drive conversations, sales or store visits.

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Tiktok Advertising

Recent few years is really all about video content consumption, and in this field, you can't missed the big giant here: Tiktok. 

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Over 1 billion users around the world, the attention to media is here in Tiktok. Be where your customers are, and curated the contents that loves by Tiktok crowd. The viral effect will goes a long way to your brand and businesses growth.

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Lazada Management

If you can triple your sales, why just double it? One of the largest marketplace with more than 100 millions monthly active users. Be there where customers are looking for your products.

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With the strong backbone from Alibaba, the only possible path for Lazada is to keep growing together with the growth of eCommerce space. SEA eCommerce space revenue is forecast to grow at least 6.88% annually. Tapping into the growth of eCommerce via Lazada is a no-brainer.

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YouTube Ads

Reach potential customers and have them take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube. Best thing? Pay only when they show interest.

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Connect with your customers in a unique and memorable way via YouTube ads. Define the specific audience on what they watch, who they are, where they are so the right message is catered to the right audience at the right time.

Solutions from in-stream ads, bumper ads, video discovery and more.


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Instagram Ads

With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, Instagram is the way to go. With how Instagram is designed, engagement rate is one of the highest among all social media. 

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Instagram ads are generally non-intrusive and less annoying to your target audience, so you definitely should play by that rule when advertise here. Cater the right approach on Instagram and you'll be getting tons of attention and new fans waiting to see your new offering! 

With the benefit that it ties to Facebook, all solutions and strategy made available to Facebook is connected to Instagram too.


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Shopee Management

With more than $35.4 billions GMV (2020) generated from 2.8 billions gross orders, Shopee is the largest marketplace in SEA. 

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Millions of people are searching for a product in Shopee everyday, it is the fastest way to grow your sales showcasing in front of the millions.

From joining double digit sales campaign, ShopeeMall, shocking sales, big brand discounts and also give it the extra boost with Shopee Ads. With the right approach, multiply your sales is more than possible in Shopee.

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Zalora Management

Having a more lifestyle and fashionable products especially apparel, home & living and more? Zalora it is. With the most clean UI among all, Zalora is where your products will stand out among the crowded sellers in town.

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Know your products and where your target customers are. If the potential is sizable, you would definitely want to seize the opportunity and grow your business. With Zalora, few hundred thousands of potential customers are looking for next inspiration of latest fashionable products to purchase, why not give them the option to consider yours?

The Founder


JJ Wong had more than 8 years of varied experience in marketing, advertising, design, and business growth strategy.

He had helped hundreds of companies in growing their businesses, from SEA Decacorn to US market companies. 

He trained and lead a group of more than 20 people performance team to manage the online advertising with a budget of more than 8 figures USD annually.

He was also one of the very first in the industry with Facebook blueprint certified + Google Partner Certified Champs.

Now he focuses on helping businesses in need to grow with the precise marketing + advertising approach, making sense of the advertising dollar invested in the scalability of the businesses in the long term.

Amazing Clients That He Had Worked With

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